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How do you not know that we live inside each other and that by destroying yourself would destroy me as well. 


Her body 

so lifeless;

pools blooming from


carved with sigils

of death

bodies move

through the space

her voice

used to inhabit 

the meaning gone

from written word 

and book

their pages holding 

no light inside

No laugh

will spill from lips;

as empty

as this void 

I feel in me

where her glow

used to live

Onyx wrapped in silver

sits forgotten

under the dresser

Its claws clutching

at my heart..

The pain that ebbed

from her eyes

finding its new owner

Do not mourn the dead,

for they shed no tears.


July 27 2014

lorddarkflame whispered:
just thought i say your pretty, maybe check out my blog follow for follow, stay spooky and have a great week x

Thanks. You’re a doll. Same to you. :)

Anonymous whispered:
What is the source for 'agony boots'? I would love to be forced to wear them for a few hours!!

I think I found that on pinterest, there wasn’t any other source info.